travel theme: animals

It was such a sight to behold seeing Bob flocked by gulls everywhere.  They seemed to be unhampered by human presence, it was such a joy to be in their midst.

Down the road of the boardwalk was Charlie, the Pelican.  He had this piercing look; yet, he seemed quite charming nonetheless!

from Ailsa of Where’s my backpack:  It doesn’t have to be about wildlife; you can write an ode to your neighbour’s moggy if you like! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Give me a high-five paw!


8 thoughts on “travel theme: animals

    1. i wish i was able to take more of the gulls, only two fit in the frame, but there was a flock that was way too cool! thank you for liking the first image with Bob having a great time taking his own photos as well

  1. NIce to meet Charlie. He does know how to pose! It is such a fun time when around seagulls. We had so much fun with them during our last visit at Galveston beach. My son discovered the joys of feeding them. Beautiful post!

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