weekly image of life: my dream day

My dream day is having freedom from the usual. Geared with a camera on hand to capture moments of picturesque vistas and eternal family instants tagged in memory.  Wittingly spent with my Bob

and my three uniquely quirky kids …  far away from home.

And the only constant is the Lord’s amazing grace and love.

please be constantly inspired by this man’s journey and the island traveler’s weekly image of life.


7 thoughts on “weekly image of life: my dream day

  1. These pictures make me smile! So crisp and clear and full of the joy of God’s goodness! Thanks for sharing…I want a beach day now too!! 🙂

    1. hi there, i know a beach day for you this season is not a good thing. but you can visit us here in the Philippines and a beach day is 365 days a year! thank you for visiting me, God bless you more!

  2. thank you, IT! today is a dream day … worship was soulful and i had a meaningful talk with a friend whom i miss so much! have a blessed and dreamy weekend ahead with your family and loved ones.

  3. Your post inspired me today. Everything I hope for a beautiful dream day is here. A fun day at the beach with the people I love, having a relaxing time away from life’s troubles, a serene moment with the Lord as speaks through his breathtaking creations. Thanks for sharing your joyful day. This are the days we hope to keep forever. Have a blessed weekend.

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