thought snippet three {wish}

we’ve seen each other last almost six months ago … and i miss this new found friend.

i have not met her until almost a year ago when she visited with her endearing husband.  i was timidly afraid to open up to her, although she was welcoming.  the afternoon spent with her and cousin Ed was quick to pass by because they were such a happy duo.

after barely a month, she welcomed us with open arms, even extended our stay until it was time for Bob and I to go back  home. our friendship blossomed because she has a good heart.  she loved me like a younger sister and we shared intimate secrets of our lives which sealed the sisterhood into a lasting one.

i am hoping to see her again soon, and praying that she is as happy as i am.


2 thoughts on “thought snippet three {wish}

  1. The gift of friendship is truly priceless. I am happy for you. Along the way, God leads us to people who will become an important part of our lives. Friends we can share our hearts without fear. Friends we can cry with. Beautiful post.

    1. thank you … i just had a moment with her, she called to say that she read what i wrote and it tugged at her heart.

      i am grateful to God for allowing my friend and i to build on the friendship 🙂

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