in love with memories: the road most traveled …

Road trips are arduous yet meaningful exploits which families or friends plan and go through together.  And in the journey they either practice grueling patience or bonding love for the members of the traveling party from point of origin and towards the unanimous destination of choice.

However, being enclosed inside a vehicle for hours and in confined proximities to the next of kin could either make relationships more intimate or sadly, challenged and distressed.

Young kids strapped in their seats will never relinquish a moment to complain, and would have the constant and all too familiar question repeatedly asked, “Are we there yet?”  Older “tweens” would raise every opportunity to commence bickering among siblings for whatever little circumstance that happens between kilometers 101 and 102.

However, thank God for Steve Jobs’ creative genius that he invented the iPod. Thus, the teenagers have their own music and world translating them to quiet “zombies” trapped in their own dimension.  And with that, giving dad and mom control over what nostalgic and classic music should be played during the long haul.

Likewise, friends who are traveling together will have endless moments of reminiscing recycled stories of their youth and for some, their college days together.  The couples who are  married or otherwise, find the confining nearness as moments to seize the chance at holding hands, arms over shoulders and even little stolen kisses that relate affection and sweetness.

Rest stops in gasoline stations along the way to the destination are plotted bullet points in an itinerary.  Whereas back in the day, no such temporary respite for leg stretching, bathroom breaks and junk shots of Doritos, ice cream and cups of decaf brewed coffee existed for meet up points or a necessary venue for people watching.  But these stopovers have been unofficially made into a ritual or even a tradition which signal the beginning of the journey ahead.

With the advent of digital photography, not one significant moment is lost in memory.  From the time a concept of an adventure is hatched, some would tediously mark the moment with a photograph until the sojourn finally commences and ends. The norm, that indicates modern lifestyle, does not end with the last photo taken, but transcends to the sharing of the experience for the world to see through the different social networking venues.

Road trips done in my youth have been bland and uneventful, albeit the company I enjoyed being one with the family.  Sadly, there were few choices of accommodations and food locales to explore that we were jammed to repeat what we did in the last journey, restricting fun to a bare minimum.

Today, with travel information a click away, road trips are essential intervals from the daily routine of stressful living in the city and are havens for family bonding moments that make life more meaningful. I continue to praise God, for the gifts HE has given my family that we have been able to go on road trips around the country.  I have beautiful and cherished memories both in photographs and reminiscences that can last me even beyond my lifetime.


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