in love with memories: Roman antic moments …

It had been a brief but ultimately meaningful experience to be in Rome.  My heart throbbed as if wanting to be released from the clutches of my excitement beyond anything i ever felt (the first time though was on the 25th of August 1984, when i officially became “bob’s wife”).

There were too many sights to see, my mind was in a frenzy, even if every itinerary was carefully planned and tagged.  Yet, being like a girl lost in the milieu of Roman edifices and historical grandeur literally brought tears to my eyes and thanksgiving in my heart for the Lord’s privilege of granting my dream its reality.

Please share in the beauty that surrounded me.  I may not post all that I saw, but please relish the ones that left such meaningful imprints of the Lord’s love in my life.

The ruins of the Colosseum was breath-taking, i couldn’t take my eyes off it and was so awe-struck i kept my fingers on the shutter just shooting its magnificence a million times over(but of course, that is some exaggeration!)

We had a Sunday morning experience at the Vatican city where there were myriads of devotees from all over the world wanting a spot to set afoot on the holy pilgrimage site.

The Trevi Fountain was one sight to behold as well.  Although I did not toss a coin over my shoulder to keep up with tradition, I prayed ardently for another chance to be given someday to visit  the Eternal City and walk its cobblestone pathways once again … with Bob holding my hand all over again!

The Spanish Steps was one interesting Roman meeting place of different people from all over.  Everyone had a smile to share and the spirit of a soulful dream being realized pervaded the rainy afternoon in this quaint yet glamorous Roman corner!

It was as if i sleep-walked this whole “corridor”  where these amazing Italian merchandise were elegantly showcased in the Via dei Condotti shops.  I was mesmerized and went totally crazy over the tag prices adhered to each luxurious Italian craftsmanship; yet, I was so thankful to God, that even if i couldn’t afford to buy myself even a small clutch of a bag, I was able to walk down the world’s infamous fashion pathway!

Truly, this ROMAN antic moments will live in the niche of my heart as a privilege undeserved; but, a soulful comfort that God loves me!

*Please note that I took all photos in this post (and in all posts as well) but I adjusted their color balance and added some effects for emphasis. Thank you for understanding.


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