weekly image of life: Inspiration

Finding inspiration from a lowly field of red blossoms which are kissed by the morning sun as they awaken to its warm glow and feel assurance of a beautiful day ahead. As we open our eyes at dawn, let us give God thanks for the miracle of a new day!

Its dazzling palette of crimson brings warmth and excitement to the lackluster grays of lonesome pain and waiting.  Know in our heart that hope is real in the colors of our life.

Their  petals seemingly reaching out to the high heavens as if praising the Almighty for the dewdrops they drink to quench their thirst. Why fear when the lowly flowers are well cared for; and we are His own children.

None uniquely solitary, but together in cluster brings strength and unity as inspired in our families and friendships. We are never alone, God gave us loved ones to share in our life both  in good and bad times. And He promised in Isaiah 49, verse 15 “… but I will not forget you.”

These red blossoms are likened to you and me who are created by God as encouragement for each other through HIM who is our ultimate source of INSPIRATION.

please be inspired by this man’s journey and the island traveler’s weekly image of life challenge.


3 thoughts on “weekly image of life: Inspiration

  1. Every time I see wild flowers in bloom, I always stop, stare and marvel of how beautiful they are. That despite of the harsh weather and living conditions, the came out in all their inspiring brilliance, giving a spectacular visual show. A miracle of Nature that comes from a God that is all good. Thank you and this I will keep in my heart, ” As we open our eyes at dawn, let us give God thanks for the miracle of a new day!” God bless you and your family.

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