not a stranger at all …

Figment …

My plans for a road trip have been researched, mapped out, and all necessary expenses paid for.  Tonight, I can’t help but lay awake in the dark; too excited to take a wink for tomorrow is the culmination of all the hard work involved from the planning to the reality of the dream.  Sigh — a prayer is said to make the ticking of time move faster, reflective of my heart beating frantically from the excitement of the moment.  Alas, faint light seeps through the curtains signaling me that indeed, the time has dawned for my journey to begin.

I arise and excitedly took the first step. Running late, I stashed my last bag of stuff into the trunk and hurriedly opened the driver’s side — whoa!  Surprise … someone has sat there before me, offering me a sweet hello and an engaging smile.  He looks familiar but can’t actually place the time and moment when I met him.  He calls me by my first name and offers for me to circle round and ride the passenger’s seat.  Take it easy, he tells me — still in a state of quandary, I started to do as he says.

Seat belt locked, he puts the gear to drive and off we went … northward.  Hey, this is not part of my plan, quietly, as if in whisper — I told him that he was going the opposite way of my destination.  He looks my way, still with that lovable grin, he tells me not to worry because he is on top of the situation, he knows exactly where I should be going.  What? The nerve of this man, doesn’t he know that it took me months, close to a year even, planning and re-planning this adventure and he appears from nowhere and tells me that he knows what’s good for me?

In my mind, I know I should put a stop to this insanity — this is MY ADVENTURE — who is he to meddle, redirect and even harass me to make me believe what is good for me!  I veer to look at him, to barrage him with a speech and put him in his rightful place.  But as I stare at him and about to open my mouth to spill out my seething emotions — my heart melts with peace beyond anything I ever felt, my mind mellows with understanding beyond anything fathomable and my being calms down with serenity beyond description.

This man who holds the steering wheel of my car — is no stranger, I know him.  He turns to me with the sweetest smile and says that all will be well; and all I need to do is to trust him.

Truth …

Yes, this man is no stranger.  He is my Savior.  He is my Lord, Jesus.

Most often I do all the planning in my life, I map out all the strategies, I decide on my own and I follow the direction opposite the way of truth.  I forget that I am not the true driver of my road trip — I am but a mere passenger.

My Lord should hold the key to my life and direct the paths I should take.  And in the process, I should always be focused on HIM alone so HE will never appear to be a stranger but a driving force that will make my true road trip, which is my life — a true journey worthy of HIS glory alone.

As it says in John 12 verses 12 and 13: “But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.  They are reborn—not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.”


2 thoughts on “not a stranger at all …

    1. hey IT, thank you again … as always your encouragement tugs at the heart. i took that photo of Bob at one resort in Zambales, north of Manila. we almost had a week for that holiday to explore the province … i hope to be able to share the experience with everyone soon!

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