in retrospect … a “priceless” prelude on our way to ROME!


One evening I received a call from Bob … one of those rare moments he would call me on his way home.  He asked me a funny question (at that time it sounded that way) and Bob asked:  “VEGAS or LONDON?”  HUH?  Yes, indeed I heard him right, and was he serious!

Apparently, he was being tasked (among many other directors) to attend a banking conference at the venue of his choice, and with God’s awesome grace, the Wonder-wives were invited as “tag-a-longs”!  Without much hesitation, I readily suggested that we take the option of Vegas … cheaper, in terms of sightseeing-cum-shopping expenses and abandon the thought of London altogether … the mighty POUNDS was beyond me!  I imagined the cost and obligation to the tune of POUNDS and EUROS because why would we not take the chance to explore other European venues when the long haul to London was a gift!  The overwhelming thought  was giving me a terrible headache!  Besides, the trip to the Americas had been in the distant past, so a revisit was a pleasurable indulgence.

However, as I contacted dear friends the morning after to share our amazing provision, I was reproved with much “condemnation” … done in love, nonetheless.  It might sound contentious, but my friends knew my penchant for travel, so a rebuke in love was readily given, and surprisingly, immediately accepted.

They all were unanimous in saying that bagging such a generous gift was a rarity … and letting it slip by without much thought was pointless, to say the least.  I knew my friends meant well, thus, I didn’t take it as a rebuff, but a signal that God was using friends to humble me.  I felt that the gift was indeed God’s provision and my dependence on Him was tested in faith.

With trepidation, I went back to Bob to ask if it was not too late to revert to the other option … he had the sweetest smile on his face and I knew at that instant, it was indeed a priceless prelude on our way to ROME!


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