an eternal WOW …


As one anticipates the poignant instant when the sun finally hides behind the vantage point of day, one sees the glorious hues of orange and yellow plastered across the western horizon.  As lovers hold hands together in a clasp, they are awestruck with the magnificence of the moment, transfixed at the sight of the miracle of a sunset — sealing the day and awaiting another.

Sunsets evoke pessimism and hope, which are ironies of sentiments.  However, in its simplest form — a sunset is an eternal “WOW” resolved to be shared with a loved one.

What is an eternal “WOW”?   It is a joyful interlude to take pleasure in and to soak in the experience that will shape an imprint beyond the past, today or tomorrow. A significant instant derived from a moment in time that restrains an experience and shapes it into a memory forever.

When one sees with his heart, he understands past the impression, he “Watches Over Whims” — he sees an eternal “WOW”. These beautiful experiences tug at the heart beyond the whim of the moment … a smile of appreciation, a hug after a fight, a time of prayer, a butterfly savoring a flower’s nectar, a pet wagging its tail at its owner or a visit from a friend.

When one hears with his soul, he comprehends beyond the predicament, he “Wins Over Worries” — he hears an eternal “WOW”. These delightful moments tug at the soul beyond the worries of the moment … an encouragement after a failure, an applause after a performance, a forgiveness after a mistake, a cool breeze on a hot summer noon, a promise to love and to hold, subtle waves lulling one to sleep, or the truth being told.

When one touches with his spirit, he overcomes the limitation, he “Winces Over Weakness” — he touches an eternal “WOW”. These acts of self-giving tug at the spirit beyond any weakness … a pat on the shoulder, a compliment to raise self-esteem, serving the need, a recognition, doing something good for a stranger, a love rebuke or remembering  to say “I love you”.

In the recent days, my country had been afflicted by a calamity due to a monsoon that poured so much rainfall that it inundated the metropolis, worst of all.  Yet, I would like to celebrate an eternal “WOW” as I witnessed love, selflessness, generosity and kindheartedness by my fellow Filipinos to those who had fallen victim to the storm’s fury.  Its aftermath showed the fortitude of everyone, on one hand, the resiliency of the affected and on the other, the outpouring of compassion.

This eternal “WOW” is love personified, as exemplified by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  As put in 1 John 4:19, “We love each other, because he loved us first.”  An eternal “WOW” on love that goes beyond “Who Over Why” — from the simplest miracle of a sunset to the boldest love amidst tragedy …

Simply put, Jesus loves you and me — today and forevermore, WOW!


2 thoughts on “an eternal WOW …

  1. A Wow post! God is a wow God that creates wow blessings like inspiring sunsets, generous love and happiness and peace that we all hope to have. Beautiful post my friend. Thanks and have a blessed day to you and your family.

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