perceptions …

My son is clueless about the antiquated rotary and my father shuns the mobile as if it were the bug. Between them is apparent who the dinosaur is; in hindsight, I, too, am!



week forty of the Trifecta challenge and the word prompt is:  DINOSAUR

its third meaning states:  one that is impractically large, out-of-date, or obsolete)


16 thoughts on “perceptions …

  1. Thanks April for the generous sharing and for this wonderful post. My son would probably say the same. Kids nowadays are sadly unfamiliar with the fascinating gadgets of the past but once we expose them to it, they eventually appreciate what they are. My son said once, “Is that the past dad?” while looking at the shanties in the Philippines. I told him, “No, that is today and they are real. There are people out there who are hungry, poor and needs our help.” He kept quiet for while , processing what I just told him. I have to remind him often that we should value our hard earned money and appreciate the blessings we receive. I hope it sinks in with him.

  2. Ah, the rotary phone. Yes. My daughter had to go for a vision test, and she was asked to state what each item on the page was. The picture was of a rotary phone, and my daughter had no idea what it was. At the age of three, she certainly has never seen one before. She told the doctor it’s not a real phone. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. hi carrie,
      those red phone booths in London would be a great illustration … i had to take a photo when i saw it before me; unfortunately, i didn’t even bother to enter one, which i am regretting to this day 😉 — april

  3. I don’t believe either of my kids (ages 23 and 19) even remember what a rotary phone is, let alone how to use one. Their grandmother got her first cellphone last year. They are lightyears apart on modern technology too.

  4. I find it so unnerving that kids really don’t understand a rotary phone these days — I haven’t used one in years, but still! I think I might be a dinosaur too.

    1. hi annabelle,

      and there are more things i discover each day that my kids are so clueless about that i think are ordinary stuff (which have been a part of my life) … and when that happens, i would feel so like a dinosaur all over again 😉 — april

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