weekly image of life: passion

I would like to share that my passion is entwined in loving God with all of me, which I try to live moment by moment and yet fail to do so … when I know it begins and ends in HIS loving heart.

I try to be in HIS presence by putting God amidst everything, in life’s grand schemes or life’s pure simplicity.

From my waking moment …


all through the day …


until the time I see the last flicker of light …


I try to translate my passion for HIM by thanking God for HIS presence in my life.

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5 thoughts on “weekly image of life: passion

  1. It’s like God spoke to me through you today. That he is always there everyday making sure everything will be fine and that we will receive his generous love and blessing. Your passion for you faith and your love for God shines brightly and every word, every image is a testament of that selfless, trusting, pure love. Thank you for sharing all these. You are blessed indeed to have the “real” passion in your life.

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