there is always a reason to celebrate …


Not all celebrations are grand occasions of festivities, parties for birthdays or anniversaries, milestones of immortal inventions or the start of something BIG!

Celebrations are like bullet points of highlighted random moments in one’s life that leave imprints of joy, classic learning experiences, and meaningful instants granted in grace.

Celebrations can mean the simplest moments tugging at the heart and lingering in the memory as tags of love… shared unselfishly and remembered eternally.

You may want to disagree with me but I refuse to give you reason to rain on my parade.  So take time to remember your own celebrations as you continue to read and be happy for mine.

These are some of my reasons why I celebrate yesterday, today and tomorrow …
  • Holding my husband’s warm hands to appease the cold in mine.
  • Waking up one early morning and seeing my firstborn peacefully asleep on her father’s chest with her dad’s arms lovingly draped around her.
  • Being given a glass of iced water by my son after cooking a feast for dinner.
  • Encountering a stranger who went out of his way, not even speaking my own tongue, to point us to the right direction to our hotel.
  • Seeing the effort of my two year old son at trying to tie his own shoe laces.
  • Waking up to an empty bed and looking for my husband outside the room and seeing him engrossed reading the Word of God.
  • Picking up my daughter from a food fair, who has been wincing at the pain of holding a treat for us because she knew it to be her dad’s and my  favorite.
  • Being forgiven for a grave mistake and being held in my husband’s arms and hearing him say “we are in this fight together”.
  • Seeing my son growing up chivalrous by opening the door and allowing me to proceed before him.
  • Coming home after a stressful day and reading love notes written by our little “princess” saying things that lift the soul.
  • Feeling a light kiss on my forehead before my husband lays his head on his pillow and feeling his arms around me as he drifts into sleep himself.
  • Hearing a warm question from a caring son asking, “Mom, are you okay?”
  • Being warm again after days of gloom and cold weather.
  • Traveling the world for a meager sum and knowing that it is a gift from God.
  • Hearing birds chirping and knowing that they are being cared for by God and realizing that I, too, am.
  • Remembering God’s love for making me His own … today and forevermore.

From the mundane to the most meaningful of reasons, always … I celebrate God in them.  HE is the ultimate reason why I celebrate HIS life in mine.


4 thoughts on “there is always a reason to celebrate …

  1. I share your thoughts and reasons for celebrating. everyday of being around our families, of having a roof above our heads, of being healthy, of having a God that loves us, all these and more are a reason to rejoice. Great post my friend. God bless.

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