interrupting routine


When day breaks, slumber is put on hold and the caress of soft pillows and sheets are comforts no more. The reality of life hangs like a gloomy mist of December morning, casting shadows of hopeless optimism, twisting in our minds as schedules, tasks, deadlines, laundry, errands, chores and assignments; thus, the tyranny of the urgent fills our minds with foggy dispositions choking our joy with gasps of desperation.

Why not for a second, close our eyes and imbibe in the quiet morning a sense of resolve to pray and thank God for a new beginning … a miracle so innocent, it comes by without a blink of recognition. We twist to turn, even run to mingle into the daily grind, oblivious of the vision of a new day.

Why not take hold of the moment, listen to our heart and sing praises to our Lord who has allowed another chance … another opportunity … another instant to lift unto His hands the burden that weigh us down, the struggles that entangle us and even the pleasure that nourish our soul.

By interrupting  a  routine through a moment of prayer, honors God and connects us to the reality of a miracle of a new day; likewise, reflecting the love that God so beautifully shares with us as the sun slowly slithers through the eastern skies bathing a glorious morning with enthusiasm and fortitude.

Interrupting a routine is to STOP anything else and begin to THINK and THANK GOD!


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