plying the islands: surfing the waves of baler


The tumbling waves echo the wind shouting its advances. As if warning everyone of the power it has to crash anything on its path.  Yet, its height and breath signify the feebleness of any man, making him realize that he indeed is but a small creature but blessed with a heart to love God and others like him.

Beyond the horizon, facing the ocean, I see the perspective of man being so puny compared to the awesome reality of the massive waves.  The surfers, in tandem or alone in their fortitude, await the rambling waters to take them to heights of passion and conquest.  Many may ride the monstrosity back to shore while others may fail only to strive and await their turn again and again.

I may never be given that chance to feel the power beneath my feet and surf the blasting waves. But as i see the smile on my children’s faces as they stand in command of their chosen wave, I feel the pride of a mother blessed in the love of God whose gift of awesome kids able to hurdle life’s challenges as blessings beyond compare.


cee’s fun foto challenge … habits


This photograph was captured en route to a beautiful local destination in the islands while Bob was seriously immersed reading this flight’s magazine.  And this caption says it all about a good habit and never ever breaking it.  Further, enjoying life’s simple pleasures should not be a mere habit but should inspire us to make it a way of life.

Many times we get entangled by the many worries, concerns and choices we are faced everyday — a bad habit we should totally forgo. Let us be thankful for the little things always, no matter how meager the joy it will entail.  Because being in this habit, will transform our lives into a victory embraced in the love of HIM who makes it all possible, a clarity of purpose hailed in the Lord’s glory.

being a part of Cee’s fun foto challenge

cee’s fun foto challenge, my favorite things, chorus


“when the bee stings” …

it was an imperative that i captured this instant and prayed that i would seize the moment as the bee was hitting its target that bloomed all its beauty for it to latch on.  it was such a beautiful point in time, praising God for the privilege indeed!


“when i am feeling sad” …

dusk always brings that pinch in my heart with sadness, it had been that way with me since i could remember.  although it evokes and highlights the beauty of God’s creation, the dramatic effect of the mood, lighting and quietness make my heart always inexplicably sad.

then, as the chorus goes on to say …

favorite things

“i simply remember my favorite things”

being together with my family, in their midst as embraced in God’s loving arms, i go on to live and celebrate my life in love.

taking part in Cee’s fun foto challenge and loving it!

as my heart speaks … of being stuck


Being stuck.

The space around you closes in like a box that strangles you seemingly with no escape.

It surrounds you like a claustrophobic trap sucking your breath like it is your last.  This encumbrance that seems to paralyze your movement pins you to a spot not by choice but by chance.  A limiting moment that clips your time to its bare minimum because you are devoid of rights, creative pursuits, freedom and options.

Being stuck in an emotional state is worse.  It constraints wholeness.  It leaves you empty, unsure and even lost.

I am praying to be unstuck.

Words seem to escape my fortitude in order to form a sentence, a thought, a dream, a desire even a memory to be able to make a picture, a catalyst, a promise, or an inspiration.  I have tried but I have failed much.

But I know that by God’s grace, He will hold my heart in His so I can form my words to speak about HIM, to share His love through the things I see and live His dream to make a difference in any small way I can.

I know He will unlock the chains that bind my heart to celebrate Him, my Lord will allow me to once again sing Him praises through my life that He blesses and I know I will remain to be stuck on Him for always, abiding in His love forever.