cee’s fun foto challenge… blue


My most favorite hue that speaks of calm and cool.

As God paints HIS skies with this beautiful hue in the early mornings when there is not one speck of white cloud, I find it a moment of being ultimately in HIS presence, speaking to my heart and making me feel HIS love.  Like this photograph i took one summer on an island getaway, it was indeed a unique experience enveloped in HIS loving embrace as I captured it in memory.

enjoying being a part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

weekly photo challenge: endurance


This is hard work at its hilt.  With the heat of the sun beating at your back, the soft mud grasping your feet, the burly water buffalo dragging you around and the planting implement maneuvering your moves… all these tasks requiring focus and physical endurance.

Not one thing happens at one time; consequently, they are rhythmic movements that go on all at the same time beyond ease and comfort. Farming is definitely not for the weary or faint at heart but for someone who commits to endure more than one can take to achieve a goal of harvest and fulfillment.

Endurance is key to reap every seed sowed.

joining to endure

cee’s black & white challenge… seating


There is no one else would I like to share my space on a seating spot but with my Bob… who will celebrate another year added to him, day after tomorrow. May all our memories together inspire you to make more of them as the Lord blesses us with more beautiful ones as we take a seat together in this life we have been sharing for thirty meaningful years!

Taking hold of your hand in this seating as blessed by HIM … through Cee’s black & white challenge

one word photo challenge: livid


Blue-grey (livid:  its fancy name) … a hue that seems devoid of fun or even a smile.

Yet, as I browsed through my archive,  I saw a definitive response to this challenge that sparked a certain tug that made my heart smile.  This insipid color transformed a panorama that shouted pure pleasure.  It goes to show that even in the seemingly troubled times of one’s life one can see a glimmer of hope that can fire up a promise;  one just has to experience faith.

being a part of one word photo challenge  …

cee’s fun foto challenge … wheels


The wheels of our mind whirls the memories of beautiful moments from beyond the years … like in this photo i took a few moons back as Bob and I took a trip down south of the islands.  I remember seeing this grand ruins of a magnificent mansion which was burned down to the ground during the war.

On the foreground sat an old reconstructed carriage which was a mode of transport used in the old days of the Spanish era.  Although there are newer ones still plying the routes of tourist areas for visitors to experience the rather arduous “calesa” ride.

joining Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

as my heart speaks … of a bump


A bump could be an unseen elevation from a blind vantage point that can cause damage or harm… yet, it can be a good thing.

In the busyness of life, we become trapped in a routine that needs to be accomplished before getting into yet another conventional circumstance.  Experiencing a “bump on the road”  can thwart us from becoming mere zombies who are caught up in the trap of the usual.

A bump,

…awakens us from the most passionate desire to succeed
…reminds us of the more important things we have forgotten
…shakes us to feel again
… jolts us to realize that we are not alone
…makes us stop everything so we can look up
…allows us to simplify our lives

A bump, after all, is a good thing.